November Sky

Daybreak reveals a heavy grey blanket of sky, coming to rest just above slate mountains’ rise into icy peaks.  It looks like November.  Filtered light makes its way through, silhouetting skeletal trees, whispering across brittle, tawny grasses breaking through the snow’s thin crust. We’re easing into winter this year.  Cold, snowy days followed by mild, … Continue reading November Sky


This morning there is rain, a steady drumbeat against the corrugated tin roof, streams pouring out of gutter spouts and a grey mist blanketing the hills.  Yesterday afternoon the the impending cold front was palpable: the air still warm, but the wind stirring leaves from the trees and clouds slowly moving in across the sky.  … Continue reading Orbit


Autumn has arrived.  I was away on travel for just over a week, and when I returned the season had changed.  Days and nights cool, crispness floating in the air.  Every here and there, a cluster of leaves bright yellow amidst the otherwise deep green foliage.  The light slants to golden, illuminating everything it brushes … Continue reading Harvest