Breath & Bone

There are moments that remind us, that throw into sharpest relief, just how precious and fleeting life really is.  Moments that make us fall to our knees in raw grief and disbelief, yet also flood our souls with immeasurable gratitude for each and every moment that we do have.  As we live these moments, embody … Continue reading Breath & Bone

I Believe

There are things we believe.  Things that ground us.  Things that hold us close–more than we can ever hold them.  Things divine, that reflect our inner light; things that tap into and reveal who we really are, that embody what it means to truly live.  Things that are infinite, timeless, and eternal. The great Jim … Continue reading I Believe

Morning Rituals, Words, and Labneh with Ancient Grains Granola

Years ago, I had a word-of-the-day calendar.  I love this idea, this ritual of bringing a new concept into the everyday.  Of diving into the depths of language and storytelling and perceptions of consciousness.  I love losing myself in books, poems, songs; strings of words woven together to produce a richly colored tapestry of the … Continue reading Morning Rituals, Words, and Labneh with Ancient Grains Granola