The afternoon air leans warm and golden sunlight filters through tree branches near-bare of leaves. I walk the path as it dips down level with the creek, through layers of deconstructed leaf litter. With each step, the crunch. The bouquet: earthy, spicy, grounding. I look down at my feet as they step, step. I feel … Continue reading rootedness


Swing the axe In the hour before daylight Note the sparks That attend to the blade — Jeffrey Foucault,¬†Dishes If I look over the top of my laptop screen, through raindrop-pebbled window panes, grass fronds feather sideways and tree branches flail against a backdrop of slate cloud curtains nestled among mountain layers. Copper leaves scud … Continue reading woodsmoke

good mom

She slowly emerges from the tall grasses at the lip of the crumbling fish ladder. Her head swings from side to side as she surveys the river corridor, all senses alert, scanning for threats. For the moment, she perceives none. The large male bears–boars, as they are called–that dominate this prime fishing spot are elsewhere. … Continue reading good mom