town and country

19 thoughts on “town and country”

  1. Your post plunged me into world so different the one I usually live in–the world of Big Sky countryside, and your in-the-moment experience on one particular morning. I loved your descriptions, including, “The sky yawns bigger” and your evocation of the clouds as a “quilted web of cotton batting.” Then I saw your photograph of those very clouds and said to myself, “Yes!”
    Thank you, Kristin, for the chance to dip into a an exquisite morning in your particular “town and country.”

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      1. me too! it’s the hibernation instinct, i think—best to fuel up before the scarcity of winter! almond milk works great in this recipe! if you have a powerful blender, cashew milk and hemp milk are east to make (just the nut/seed and water, no soaking or straining necessary)!

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  2. I love how you explain that the mountains become you. I live in the Idaho mountains and they are where I have always and still turn to when my soul needs quiet reassurance. Your recipe looks comforting and perfect for a fall morning, plus healthy. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. it’s so wonderful to hear from a kindred mountain soul and neighbor! mountains are incredibly powerful and peaceful and grounding. i will be venturing further into them this weekend. i hope you enjoy the recipe if you have a chance to make it!


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