The lowing of some happy cows; that was my weekend alarm clock.  It made me smile as I lay in bed, early morning sunlight slanting through the blinds, hearing them moo.  As the days wore on, I would see the little herd standing on the ridgeline across the street, silhouetted against the sky.  There is … Continue reading Weekends


When I think back on all of my years of schooling–everything I read, everything I heard, everything I memorized (and the many things I promptly forgot)–there are a few little gems that have stuck with me.  One of them, from my college soils class, is this: “Dirt is just misplaced soil.” How perfect.  Dirt is … Continue reading Dirt


The pause. Pausing is not something we seem to do much of these days; running from one task to another, then another; filling our so-called “down time” with texting, email, social media, television.  It’s exhausting.  And it makes the pause, when we do, all the more powerful. In yoga, kumbhaka is the pause between the … Continue reading Kumbhaka